A Call of Conscience

The PM&PA worked in conjunction with Heath Hofmeister of Electric Machine Productions to create this video that consolidates the historic significance of the Pennhurst campus with the need for appropriate preservation and rememberance.

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Angie 09/12/2020
Doing genealogy I found out my Great Uncle spent almost his entire life at PennHurst. I cant imagine how terrible neglect was detrimental to his ultimate demise. He did in custody of the State Clearly and his death Certificate proved it, passed of TB. Now I will need to finally make a trip.
Tracey Shupe09/02/2018
I think this happens because people believe that they can't ever become productive, high earning citizens. However, we all have something to contribute while sitting down or standing up.
This is very sad but there are still terrible things going on in homes for our mentally challenged people. The look from the outside is wonderful but behind closed doors people should know what goes on.
The fact this is a 'haunted house attraction' further harms the former residents living and dead, their memories made to be a ploy for fat cats to line their pockets. They have actors to scare the people there! These were human beings that suffered and anyone who goes there is perpetuating abuse
this sad place could be turned around by providing the housing for so many homless people...till they can get back on their feet
Doctor K10/08/2011
@jb - because the residents were suffering, neglected and living in crowded, dirty conditions that fostered abuse. it was a miserable life.
Why was there so much human screams going on when this place was occupied?
I agree that integrating individuals into our communities from large institutions has been largely successful however, I disagree that it has been the most successful social experiment of the 20th century because so many individuals with disabilities and mental illness are homeless.
Doctor K09/29/2010
As evidenced in your Case Studies page, there are plenty of similar places that have undergone successful transformations! This, along with the Re-Use Study, gives me hope for Pennhurst! Keep up the good work!
A memorial and tribute is so much more appopriate. I was deeply sadden to find out it was turned into a haunted house. The individuals that were housed here, basically as prisioners based on just having a disability deserve more.
John Stubanas09/26/2010
But for the grace of God. If you can't make it a memorial and tribute to those that suffered and died, raze it to the ground and make it useable. DO NOT demean it by making it a haunted house. It's NOT economics, it's MONEY in someone's pocket.

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