Suffer The Little Children

The ground-breaking 1968 NBC10 Expose on Pennhurst State School by Bill Baldini:

© NBC10 Philadelphia

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Elyse Elliott09/13/2022
My brother is now 72 was in Pennhurst now in a nursing home after medical issues- what are his rights now. He was the tat Pennhurst closing and was promised least restrictive environment and good care . What about other who are still living- Pennhurst survivors- are they getting good appropriate ca?
Aaron Dolliver05/26/2022
We now know being the year 2022. Love and support is what all humans need. Not to be secrets to be locked away. History must not be forgotten. I hope God has all these souls in his living arms.
Buzz, absolutely spot on... Memory Care or Skilled Nursing Facility!
susan mueller-Fritz12/07/2021
we found out my husbands uncle john fritz was committed at the age of 5 at pennhurst we know why he was now but we pray he wasnt abused with what we have read now over 50 years later.
In 1979 I visited Pennhurst with my college special education class. I was so sad during that visit. The rooms and hallways were dark and dank and the residents were starved for attention. At the time I worked for a private school for the intellectually disabled and it was far superior to this.
Henry Shaner, You're absolutely right, this is my opinion too, this building deserves more than that, should be renovated, and let them started as a school, or other like that. But without abuses and violence. I pray for the souls of the people, who died there, both of the little children and adults
Leesah Guillaume 07/25/2020
My mom was put in a mental facility because of a lie they, said she was abandoned by the family and had no children. I couldn't go to Alabama before her court hearing... I had to prove I was her blood daughter... my birth cert not enough to stop committing her. The social worker help me get my mom
couldn't even watch it all extreme and digusting The ironic part is we haven't changed in society ,their still are homes that are still abusing and murdering children google it,funny we as a society must be tolerant to those who are labelled refugees but we can't do the same for the disabled!
This is appalling. There's no excuse for places like this and for whoever the owners are they have alot of nerve making a profit off of other people's disability. What they did to those people is a disgrace
Maas Benedikt09/13/2019
It hurts me really bad, to see, what happend to human beings. No one deserves that. I haves a mental disorder too. I pray for all the poor people, who suffered that much, for such a too long time. We should keep the memory to never repeat it. Never walls of ignorance and social blindness
Unfortunately there are new penhurst facilities open now as a result of the aging population. The same mental physical abuses go on. The new name for penhurst is nursing home Yes, I speak from personal experience. Peace ......... Buzz
Ellen 03/09/2019
I worked at and supervised CLAs with persons from Pennhurst upon its closing. The transition was difficult for those with profound illness who didnt understand what was happening, but they did adjust and found dignity, some peace, new positive experiences and people who cared about them.
Deidre Cocchi02/25/2019
When family are not responsible for family members care and wellbeing and are left at the mercy of strangers and government control this is the result. Families that visited saw the conditions and still left their family there are more responsible for the care. If you dont care why would strangers.
Aliza Rhienhold10/30/2018
Pennhurst was closed due to state regulations that closed ALL mentally ill facilities in the late 19080's. Private group homes were organized, and all people from places such as Pennhurst entered group homes, usually 3 to 5 residents to a house.
My MD sis was born in 1969. My moM labsolutely refused to put my sis in any kind institution. My mom took daily care of my sis until r mom passed 2 years ago and now my sis lives with my family and I. This story truly broke my heart. My sis is loved and cared for, and always will be.

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