Suffer The Little Children

The ground-breaking 1968 NBC10 Expose on Pennhurst State School by Bill Baldini:

© NBC10 Philadelphia

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Aliza Rhienhold10/30/2018
Pennhurst was closed due to state regulations that closed ALL mentally ill facilities in the late 19080's. Private group homes were organized, and all people from places such as Pennhurst entered group homes, usually 3 to 5 residents to a house.
My MD sis was born in 1969. My moM labsolutely refused to put my sis in any kind institution. My mom took daily care of my sis until r mom passed 2 years ago and now my sis lives with my family and I. This story truly broke my heart. My sis is loved and cared for, and always will be.
Henry shaner10/27/2018
This is the worst thing Ive ever seen and Im completely appalled that the place is being used for entertainment!! Thousands of innocent died there lets respect them close the place make it a memorial its the least we can do!!
Keely walls10/07/2018
My mother was born here in 1962..her mother was a patient Janie Betty Henry aka Jamie Elizabeth Henry..we have never been able to track down who her father was or even find out wether he was a patient or mothers namesake is Terri Lee Halderman!
P. de Ruyter09/19/2018
On one side i understand why a lot of people are against the haunted house attraction, on the other side it keeps the place alive and the pati?nts never forgotten. Ghost hunters made their story known worldwide. I am from the Netherlands. Bless all of them.
Just so ya'll know the current owners do not have the place open to the public yet. They are restoring the place and then plan to open it as a memorial to the people who lived there. They aren't money hungry just trying to do a good thing by remembering what happened and the people that lived there.
Alejandro Santa Cruz10/23/2017
We are all God's children, yet we could not behave as such then and we cannot behave as such now. But at least this changed. I have so much admiration for the people who must have worked so hard and tirelessly for The Victory at Pennhurst.
Gilbert Downie 06/16/2017
My uncle was warehousedoing at Penn Hurst until it was closed. This place was worse than it was depicted. I visited my uncle there as a child.
The people who began the suffering of these patients were their families. Often time families left their not-so-perfect children at facilities like this and never returned or told other relatives of their existence. I know this because I worked at a facility like this and witnessed it.
Maria Powers10/29/2016
I shudder to think that Pennhurst wasn't closed until 1987! I have suffered from depression since I was five. I'm 62 years old and finally got diagnosed two years ago with bipolar depression. earnest attempt to take my life. I have an autistic grandson who is eleven years old. Can't imagine!
John Zaffino10/29/2016
I have a mentally handicapped sister. She is 62 years old and she lives with my wife and I. This is why.
Christine 10/27/2016
So what ever happened to the people that were like Johnny? What ever happened to the people that were mentally ill when this place shut down.
It's very sad to me that the horror that these poor individuals faced is a haunted attraction. It's very sad. It should have closed down a long time ago. My heart goes out to those who know loved ones affected by this place. God bless those who love people and work in the mental health field.
Jo Smith07/04/2016
I work with children. And adults with MH/IDD. As a society we are still allowing this kind of behavior in a sense. We continue to allow our citizens to have to spend years on a waiting list for services. We just changed locations and the awful conditions. They are now just home.
sorry for not saying this in my last post because i was more concerned about what someone else said id like to put out there that I agree Penn Hurst should not be used for attraction my brothers and sisters deserve to rest in peace if they are dead and if they are alive i will think about you/pray!

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