Abuse and Neglect

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Mark Krull 05/09/2023
My two brothers warehouse theyre back in the early 70s. Are usually go to Mike with my parents to visit there and unfortunately I dont remember clearly the details but it was framing place was strange noises. I was just a kid. I object to them turning into a haunted house I think its a mockery.
John Widman10/07/2022
Leaving places like Pennhurst in tact provide a valuable reminder that sometimes the best intentions can lead one down a path to hell. More of these institutes need to be saved in order to show more and more generations of young men and women the darker sides of humanity.
Deborah Saylors 08/31/2022
Make it a medical school. Or some kind of college. U. S. has more prisons than colleges. Make it a place for education.
Mary Jo Byrd03/01/2022
It takes a special kind of degenerate to open up Pennhurst as a haunted attraction where people can go to get cheap thrills. Anyone who profits from a place where retarded and mentally challenged children were tortured and murdered is really in need of mental health services. Vile and sickening.
Why hasn't this place been demolished? It should be totally torn down all the way past the basement or cement foundations. It is a horrible place where people and children were abused and tortured. Leaving it standing is like leaving a Monument to those who subjected others to this pain. I
David W Clifton03/04/2021
My uncle George was admitted to Pennhurst after Delco Social Services removed he and his four siblings my mother included from alcoholic abusive parents. George's counselor of thirty-six years told me that George did not have organic/inherited or congenital mental deficits. he acquired MR. David
I worked with patients from Pennhurst. The abuse they suffered was obvious and caused many of them severe physical, emotional and behavioral problems. My Aunt worked there in the early 1960's. The stories of abuse are true, but back then the mentally ill were forgotten people.
I have an aunt who worked in the offices here she gets angry at the stories of abuse and claims they didnt happen. Dont know what to believe .
Lorna Rushing11/01/2015
I watched the documentary on pennhurst last night all I can say is the residents there suffered terribly and God saw all that happened there to his special children and those who are guilty will be punished in Gods time. And I'm so sorry these special children weren't loved and cared for.
Taralynn Torres10/10/2015
This is the tirst im hearing of this and I feel so bad. What cqn I do to help.
barbara donnelly08/04/2014
August 2014 Maybe they also need to get funding for ground penetrating radar done here, too. Check out the ongoing news developing in Florida about the school named DOZIER SCHOOL FOR BOYS. The records maintained by the school regarding burials was incorrect, as they are proving today!!
Donna Coots03/17/2014
I grew up hanging out in Spring City and went to church across the street from Pennhurst Rd. It truly breaks my heart to realize that while I was having teenage fun, residents of Pennhurst were going through hell. I feel guilty. We all should - everyone who was close enough to help but didn't.
I recently saw a program called 'The Haunting' of a particular actress that made a movie there. She educated some hauntings.It is so horribly wrong that people were left in the abusive staffers and insane doctors. It hurt my heart knowing their souls are still suffering.
A true house of horror08/05/2013
Click my name. It has recently come to light that scientific experiments were carried out on unwilling wards of state and I would not be surprised if they were done at Pennhurst too. Now a haunted house attraction mocks them. Is there no end to the suffering the disabled must endure for profit?
Thank God we have reporters/lawyers to bring to light / stop atrocities like Pennhurst. Amazing it took 20 years after 1968 expose /class action lawsuit to close Pennhurst. US is suppd be nation that pioneered human rights so how did this abuse exist in our own backyard for 80 yrs.

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