Archival Pennhurst Images

Dining Hall, 1915
Dining Hall, 1915
photo from the 1915 Board of Trustee's report. What led us to think that this was the place they needed to be, deserved to be? How many years did they live in the "world apart" that Pennhurst became? How many died without ever having a chance to return to a life in the "real world"? Why?
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Thank goodness times have changed from back then. I have a disabled child and wow considering dropping him off in a place all alone. without his family. I just coulding do it!!!! it breaks my heart for those children and may their soals be at a happy place now.
And who knows how many of these children actually HAD a mental disability to begin with?! Fron the brochure the school printed in '53, they had 4 staff psycholgists serving apprx 3500 children. Surely they had inaccuarate diagnosis made with that sort of ratio. I pity the chidren, but also the paren
Unfortunately, some weren't disabled, they were just dropped off because a parent couldn't afford to keep them years ago, parent died, etc. As far as views changing today about mental illness and handicapped, we've changed, yes, but not quickly enough---I can't believe how we're still in the dark ag
@lexi lou - Are you sure the world's views have changed so much? Have you seen what the current owners of the property have done? http//
lexi lou4/5/2010
Thank God the world has changed our views of the handicapped and the disabled.
jenny zombie1/28/2010
god bless these angels whom once resided there. it wasnt there fault they were disabled and just dropped off there to be forgotten by there families. may they be resting in peace in heaven.