Archival Pennhurst Images

Pennhurst Industries
Pennhurst Industries
This page from the 1954 info booklet showcases Pennhurst resident handiwork.
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It's not a matter of care or not.. Remeber elementary school and high school home studies ? Same idea. Unfortunately, at that time, it was not a big stink to have children working for you with out pay - especially when they said it was a cognative learning experience for these children. When we look
Heartbreaking to see the talent some of the patients had. To bad they were locked up and not out in the real work making a living by selling their talent.
I do not know what had happened at this institution, but I'm thinking that they just made patients do the work. I find it perfectly fine for them to make furniture and be proud of something they have done themselves BUT only with the permission of the patient. Everyone has rights and if the patients
So... domestic slave labor. The institution could have been shut down on those grounds ALONE if anyone cared enough about the patients.