Archival Pennhurst Images

Pennhurst May Queen
Pennhurst May Queen
Pennhurst's May Queen and her court, circa 1954
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Cindy S Lamont8/31/2016
To many people don't understand .. If you never worked at one of the facilities . the staff are very caring . place yourself in a ward of 60 plus children or adults with the brain of a 3yr old . trying to keep them clean fed and dressed ,you no sooner get one dressed and the next one is naked.
i would not think it was a photo ops as some are saying it was not always a bad place this was taken in 1954
This is just another photo op. Just watch the clip on the reporting that was done .Read the books that have come out. And not only here did these things happen ,but all over the country.
Is this the same school that had naked children running around with missing teeth and feces on thier bodies, or is this just a photo op? Seems public relations was alive and well in the '50's too-- keeps the money rolling in, anyway. Very sad.