Archival Pennhurst Images

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Absolutly appalling knowing there truly was such ignorance. God bless these souls and lead them to the safety of your arms.
brandy RN5/19/2015
The term/diagnoses Epilepsy was a broad term used to describe a large range of things not what we know of actual epilepsy that we know today. like the term consumption was used for tb, cancer and a million other undiagnosed disorders.
Robert 12/2/2012
I feel ashamed as human for the treatment of these poor people. What took so long to shut this placr down? Obviously if they can learn to pay a musical instrument they have a great degree of intelligence a physical ability. This saddens me!
Pennhurst housed all sorts of disabled people. If a person had epilepsy it was not treatable back then so these children had seizures from time to time with bouts of normality between. Most families of inmates thought they were sending their children to a school.
Pam 3/13/2012
How many little children do you know who loves to have their photo taken? I haven't seen one sane or mentally challenged that didn't like their photo taken. What amazes me is the fact they were all capable of learning playing an instrument whether good or bad...
Michelle 12/26/2011
Yvonne, I don't think you have any right to say he didn't know any better just by looking at a picture of him. For all we know he knew exactly how horrible Pennhurst was. Just because he supposedly had a disability does not mean that he wouldn't know when he was being mistreated.
smile on the trombone player? He didn't know any better. This photo breaks my heart.
What a smile on the trombone player....