Archival Pennhurst Images

Baseball Team, 1922
Baseball Team, 1922
Compare the players in this picture with any other "town team" photo from the '20s. The only real difference is that the men (not "children") in this picture had been sent to Pennhurst - and probably spent the rest of their lives there. Pennhurst's teams were integrated 25 years before Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers.
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It is beyond me how anyone can look at this photo and deem someone disabled. I myself am disabled, have a prosthetic femur , and beat stage 4 lymphoma. Take a look at me, you'd never know, even through a photo
Jessica is right, many people with intellectual disabilities look and/or speak just like any other person. And some people without intellectual disabilities look different, haha. You can't tell if someone has a disability just by looking at them....
I'm not defending the horrible wrongs done in this place, however not all people who are disabilities actually LOOK different. Back in those days you could have been sent to a insane hospital if you had an anger issue, or were mentally sick in the head like psychotic, etc. so just bc they LOOK norma
This is a very sad picture. Seeing other photos I see that the people in them do not look like they needed to be in a place known for the disabled and feeble minded. If you look closely you can see that some of these men indeed, do look like they are disabled and it breaks my heart. It was very nice