Archival Pennhurst Images

Admin Building, 1922
Admin Building, 1922
Admin Building circa 1922
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This is a beautiful building as are the rest of the buildings at Pennhurst. The buildings are not responsible for the atrocities that happened behind their walls. I wish they would restore them and turn the property into something fantastic, like a university, in HONOR of the children that suffered.
The buildings are indeed beautiful and really really ornate. Maybe less should have been spent on appearance and more on patient care.
I can't help but think that had the families of these poor patients, stayed involved in their lives and care, things might have been completely different. I truly believe this place started with the best of intentions however, over time with lack of funding and family participation, it got lost.
ADA Advocate11/1/2012
Now one of it's uses is a haunted house with all of the gag actors, built in scare tactics/special effects, AND they use some of the original equipment, like the electroshock device and morgue shelves. You can also pick one of 4 sections @ 15 a pop or be a patient for 75. THIS JUST SICKENS ME!
Lifelong Caregiver Career 10/30/2012
I was a child of the fifties, where threats of institutionalization were a mainstay of mother's attempt to keep us 3 kids in line. She never did, but growing up we had that threat over our heads. The dumping of children was a sign of the times whether one was truly disabled or - otherwise. SAD!
Child of a Pennhurst Volunteer5/2/2012
The buildings WERE beautiful... despite the obvious, there were some beautiful, loving people involved with the patients on a daily basis. We have learned warehousing doesn't work patients were left there from all over the state and vicinity but at the time it was believed to be best care.
Bob The Builder I'm not so sure the word BEAUTY can be associated at all with this facility, though I am sure an architect would disagree. Being a member of the medical community, however, patients come before bricks and cement.
A thing of beauty... That's about the definition of relative. From an artist's perspective, the Jacobean architecture really is quite lovely. But the atrocities committed inside the very building are unforgivable. Preservation should be to honor the people who lived there. Not the architecture.
Also a caregiver10/17/2010
I am also in residential homes and would like to pay my respect to the people that died there. It should be a memorial so people cant let this happen again.
Loving Caregiver10/9/2010
I say let it Rot!!! I personally take care of three residents at three seperate residential homes. All threee of them were patients of this horrific place. I see day in and day out the horrors that these residents endured while there. The repercusions of this place will never change in the minds of

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