Contemporary Pennhurst Photography

Dayroom, Pennhurst
Dayroom, Pennhurst
© 2009 Marc Reed
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K Dav11/19/2021
These places is an embarrassment to our past. The only people who used these chair's, woud have been the caregivers. Every person who worked at these type of places, and went along with the treatment's, was worse than the patient's. After all the worker's was the sane one's.
im sure the chairs were used...but because the patients were restrained they probably werent used much. im surprised that they are in the condition they are seen in this picture.
Probably because the patients we're tied up to the bed most of the time, so the chairs didn't have to deal with the usual wear and tear.
lexi lou4/5/2010
Amazing the 3 chairs are in such good condition Considering .